Club History

  • In 1933, the Michigan City Yacht Club, at its inception under a group of enterprising yachtsmen, headed by Harry Frey, gathered to form an organization dedicated to the promotion of yachting on our lakefront.
  • The original charter was applied for and granted by the State of Indiana on May 27, 1933.
  • The Michigan City Yacht Club was founded as a non-profit corporation “for the promotion of yachting.” Every effort was made to increase racing activities for sail yachts, to organize Club cruises for power yachts, to develop the vitally important Junior Program and to carry on the social life of the Club in both summer and winter in a manner of interest to all members.
  • Dreams reached fruition in 1938 when the last privately owned property was found to be for sale. Price of the property was $3,500. A plan was developed by T.M. Blackwood and James Drain to sell 140 memberships at $25 each to raise the necessary purchase price. This was accomplished and until 1956, the membership was limited to the original 140 members.
  • Remodeling of the old house by ambitious club members began immediately. In 1939, a basement to contain a locker room and washrooms was completed. Construction of the west lounge and sail loft was completed. The first issue of the Windjammer under editor Blackwood, was dated July 1, 1939.
  • In 1941 there was a payment in full of the original loan to purchase the Club property and new plans to finish the basement and the furnace room.
  • Since the Club’s inception, members have been adding new areas to the existing building and doing extensive remodeling, decorating and maintenance projects. The Club will be celebrating it’s 83rd  anniversary this year.
  • In 1987 the club served as host to the Pan American Games yachting event. Read a more detailed history